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Functional Movement Screening

Functional Movement Screening & Sports Injury Prevention Screening

Functional Movement Screening is a method for evaluating an individual’s ability to perform basic, but fundamental movement patterns. This screening process assesses movement patterns, to identify any functional limitations and the resulting movement compensations which can lead to injury, or reduced performance.

If an individual is unable to perform basic fundamental movements, they will inevitably develop dysfunctional, compensatory movement patterns in an effort to complete their task or achieve their goal. This can cause joint or muscle imbalances, altered movement perception, altered body awareness and altered biomechanics with a corresponding increase in injury risk.

Sports Injury Prevention Screening is used by many of the world’s top sport’s teams and organisations to identify players at risk of injury; to optimise each players training by identifying their movement dysfunctions and areas of weakness and ultimately to improve their performance.

This type of service was once only available to elite athletes but has been shown to be highly successful at identifying teenagers at risk of injury and can be adapted to help the amateur athlete, weekend hiker, gardener, cyclist or tradesman.

Many athletes continually struggle to improve their sports performance by increasing basic muscle strength, flexibility and power, however this rarely translates into improved performance as the training isn’t functional. Functional Movement Screening helps to pinpoint specific areas of functional weakness and imbalance which can be addressed.

Bevan Wilson’s Sports Division are able to utilise not only the screening method, but also their knowledge and expertise as sports physiotherapists  to highlight an athlete’s injury risks and develop a strategy of corrective exercises (and possibly ‘hands-on’ treatment) to correct the movement faults. As a result, the athlete is able to move more efficiently, leading to improved performance and reduced injury potential. 

Functional Movement Screening & The Sports Injury Prevention Screening Program:

  • Assessments are performed by our Chartered Sports Physiotherapists utilising specialist equipment.
  • Screening is available to both individuals and teams.
  • Only one screening is needed, regardless of the number of sports you participate in.
  • Functional movement screening / Sports injury prevention screening can also be performed in conjunction with our Golflex, Tennisflex or Video analysis services and / or a comprehensive one-hour Physiotherapy assessment as a complete biomechanical and movement assessment package.
  • The program consists of highly standardised functional tests.
  • Each test is individually scored and then also added to provide a total score. This helps identify specific areas of weakness or imbalance, any asymmetries and also an individual’s general movement ability.
  • The screening can be performed as a one-off or for comparison Bi-annually; Annually; as a pre-season baseline; following injury or growth-spurt.
  • Confidential feedback is provided and you are shown specific, individualised exercises to address any areas of weakness.
  • Individual results remain confidential, however group / team results can be provided and discussed with coaches to complement and enhance their training programs and reduce a team’s injury rate.

For further information on Functional Movement and Sports Injury Prevention Screening, or to arrange a screen for you or your club, please contact our sports team on 01483 424505 or E-mail

Functional Movement Screening

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