Hip & Knee Pain


Hip Pain is surprisingly common and not just among older people, many younger patients suffer as a result of lower limb troubles with knee, ankle or thigh and calf muscle injuries or complaints. Perhaps the issue has been brought on by a spinal injury, pelvic problem or deep core muscle control.


Working with surgeons and primary care providers our specialist Physiotherapists assess, identify and treat the underlying factors as well as the hip pain, ensuring long-term recovery rather than short-term pain relief.


Of course hips and knees can be a problem at any age but particularly prevalent in older patients following surgery or a fall and again Bevan Wilson Physiotherapists are ideally suited to treating these patients. Depending on the nature of your injury, your general mobility and goals either our Rehabilitation Centre at Guildford Boxgrove or our gym facilities at Charterhouse Club may be suitable for your rehabilitation. These clinics all feature equipment and facilities ideally suited to treating hip and knee conditions and of course each member of our team is highly experienced at addressing the challenges faced by older people with such injuries.


We help rebuild confidence and wherever possible return the patient to a fit and active lifestyle as quickly and efficiently as possible.