Having an unusually large range of movement in some joints is not always a problem but whilst many people live pain free with hypermobility it can cause problems that require clinical treatment.


Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (JHS) is a condition that may occur alongside other symptoms such as pain and stiffness, clicking joints and a predisposition towards sprains, it can also cause digestive problems, dizziness and even fainting.


If you are referred to us as a sufferer of JHS we can work with your GP to continually assess your condition, advising on low-impact exercises, sleep patterns and dietary requirements, correct footwear and appropriate self-care treatments.


Physiotherapy can relieve pain, improve muscle strength and posture as well as correct the movement of individual joints and improve your sense of your body’s position and movement (Proprioception)


It may be that you, or somebody you know has always been extremely supple or even ‘double-jointed’ and lived pain free but please do not hesitate to ask to see one of our Physiotherapy Specialists for an assessment, we may be able to identify a problem before it becomes an issue.