An Event for Your Diary

As the Spring arrives (not just yet), we start to emerge from hibernation, and get outside.

Bevan Wilson loves to get involved with local to us community events. There are many to choose from!

So, with the help of Kelly’s Funding Fundraisers, we are going be a part of the Kelly’s Cycle Challenge Sunday, 19 May 2019.

Challengers, which has a history spanning nearly 40 years, is always seeking to engage people in the area, with their community.

Fun events are part of that process, and Bevan Wilson is happy to be a part of this.

As the Cycle event is about using your body to get two wheels moving, we are well placed to offer pre-event training ideas.

Keep an eye out on the Kelly’s Storage Charity Events Facebook and Twitter feed for hints and tips from the physiotherapy team at Bevan Wilson.

We want you to enjoy your day, and the ones afterwards!


For those of you who can not make the day, you can do your own thing, and still be part of the event.

Don’t forget to register a team, family, friends, work colleagues.

It is going to be a sunny day (we hope)!


If you need any further help, don’t hesitate to call, or email use.

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