Are you going skiing this winter? Worried about injury?

Come and meet our expert team at Charterhouse Sports Club next Thursday 7th February between 8am – 12 noon – we will be offering our expertise and advice on getting ready for winter sports.

We are lucky to be experienced DonJoy brace fitters, so this could also offer the opportunity to try some of the very best braces available. Both Jack and James have had several years’ experience in preparing and rehabilitating a variety of injuries for high level sport – including skiing and snowboarding! We are DonJoy’s local approved fitting centre to ensure that your brace is offering you the support it should be! 


The overall perception of knee bracing technology available to most patients today is that “everyday” knee braces can be unsightly, bulky, heavy, minimally effective, restrictive and uncomfortable. These misconceptions combine to produce “brace anxiety” among many patients, often preventing mainstream adoption and compliance of braces that can help prevent injuries, allow people to remain active while healing, and protect the knee from future injury.


Patients are looking for quick, effective and economic options for maintaining or regaining their life activities; most want to delay expensive, invasive surgeries. Bracing is a better option.




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