Bevan Wilson Autumn Newsletter 2019

As we say goodbye to the summer and welcome the rustle of leaves falling and shorter days, I would like to offer you all a warm welcome to our latest Newsletter.


As we say goodbye to the summer and welcome the rustle of leaves falling and shorter days, I would like to offer you all a warm welcome to our latest Newsletter.

As with our bodies, Bevan Wilson is in a constant flow of change, and renewal. We are always seeking to enhance the services we have been providing for over 20 years, making sure we provide an evidence based, and current practice in all areas of physiotherapy, and other clinical interventions.

Our Team has some new faces, and services we hope will serve the community in which we practice. See below for more in-depth details.

We have been sponsoring Guildford’s Walkfest again this year. Some of the team were out and about enjoying the walks. This year has seen many more people involved in the walks, getting to know the area better, and improving their physical health and wellbeing at the same time.

Thank you to all the organisers, guides, and walkers.


Karen and Marie on the River Wey walk 


Bevan Wilson is supporting the Kelly’s Cross Country, on Sunday 20 October 2019, with leg massage for any participant wanting support. We hope to see some of you there.

Team and Services Update

Clinical Pilates

We have launched physio led Pilates at Boxgrove. Karen Love, a spinal and Pilates specialist is running a small group at our Boxgrove Clinic. We are offering one to one, and small group Pilates now, with one ten week group already up and running. If your are interested in joining the next group, or having individual Pilates, do contact us. The benefits of Pilates are strengthening of the bodies’ core. Many injuries seen in our physiotherapy clinics are caused by problems with posture, balance, core strength, flexibility or movements control. Pilates helps many to improve in these areas, particularly when guided by a professional.

Spinal Health

As we said above, Karen Love is a qualified physiotherapist, specialising in Spinal Health.  Qualified from St Mary’s Hospital in London as a physiotherapist in 1991, Karen began to specialise in musculoskeletal disorders with a special interest in back pain rehabilitation & the Pilates approach. She is an Extended Scope Practitioner, Acupuncturist, and a member of the Society of Orthopaedic Medicine. We welcome Karen, her great skills, and enthusiasm.


Marie Byrne has joined us, a very experienced physiotherapist.  She tells us that, “I am a keen believer in prevention of injury and taking the whole body into consideration when assessing any injury to ensure the root cause of symptoms is found.” She is already getting great feedback from new and existing patients. She works out of both Wonersh, and Boxgrove clinics. We hope you meet her soon.


We have a visiting podiatrist, Katherine Thompson, who comes too our Boxgrove clinic weekly. She is an expert in her field, and we work in conjunction with her to improve patient’s skeletal health.


We continue to expand our bracing service, which is not just for the ski season. We are both an Ossur and DJO assessment and fitting service, primarily at our Boxgrove, Charterhouse, and Milford clinics. We have fitted braces for kite surfers, rugby and tennis players, but they are suitable for a wider variety of support. If you are interested in finding out more, do call the reception team for more details of how we can help.

Sports Massage Therapist.

Will Lane is now offering Sports Massage at our Boxgrove Clinic.

Will says, “As a multi-faceted therapist, I have worked successfully in treating a wide range of clients to relieve pain and restore ease in movement.”

Sports massages have evidence-based benefits both physically and psychologically for anyone. The technique of the massage is adapted to focusing on the areas that are overused from strenuous activities/movements.

Sports Masseur Will Lane


Physically, a sports massage will promote a smoother flow of blood and nutrients, reduce pain and tension, and assist with the rehabilitation of an injury. This is all done through the process of manipulating the muscles to allow them to soften and relax.

Psychologically, it will benefit you as it helps to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. This occurs due to endorphins being released into your body, allowing you to feel happy and calm. From this, your mood will have improved as the pain is restricted.

If you would like to book time with Will, please call us at Bevan Wilson, and we will pass your details to Will.


Clinics and Services.

We have clinics in Wonersh, Milford, Charterhouse, and Boxgrove, Guildford presently, with services available from Monday through to Friday mornings, afternoons, and evenings at some locations. We have evening clinics twice a week at both Boxgrove and Charterhouse. We are always looking ahead to improve our services, and range of professions providing health interventions beneficial to all ages, sporting, and leisure activities. We love to have feedback, and any comments you might have about the team, and our services.

Do get in touch if you have any questions or need to know further details of our available services.

Thank you all for reading, and we welcome any comments or suggestions you may have. Please email  or call us on 01483 424505, and we will respond to your feedback.

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