Bevan Wilson’s Guide to Remote Online Video Consultations (Telerehabilitation)

Telerehabilitation, or what we like to call ‘Video Consultations’ or ‘Remote Consultations’ have been growing in popularity over the past few years and have seen their use grow rapidly during the 2020 Global Coronavirus Crisis.


Remote healthcare does have its challenges, for example the clinician can’t palpate, physically examine or physically treat patients, however patient outcomes and satisfaction rates are high in most research studies and in our experience.


Bevan Wilson Physiotherapy are delighted to be able to offer Video Consultations, both for assessment and treatment. Consultations are appropriate, and sometimes preferred, for most patients and this guide summaries the main information available to help you decide if a video consultation is right for you.


Have you seen our Preparing for your video consultation guide?


Why Telerehabilitation & Telerehabilitation research?

  • Successfully implemented in numerous countries such as UK, Australia , Canada and US.
  • Used in both NHS and private settings for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Technology has been available and has successfully delivered physiotherapy for over 16 years.
  • Comparable to face to face consultations – Strong evidence, resulting in reliable and valid musculoskeletal diagnosis.
  • Physical and functional outcomes proven to be equivalent to face to face management.
  • Studies have demonstrated high patient satisfaction rates.
  • Users only require basic computer or tablet skills to be able to access video consultations.
  • Sessions delivered by highly-experienced Chartered Physiotherapists with excellent clinical knowledge and clinical reasoning skills, to ensure the best outcomes for our valued patients.
  • Video consultations are endorsed by the CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapists) ,the NHS and some health insurers (see below).
  • Consultations are conducted within CSP and professional guidelines and remain highly confidential. Notes will be completed within our secure practice-management system as per face-to-face consultations and no video recording will be made.


Who are Video Consultations suitable for?

  • Most patients and most injury presentations are suitable for video assessment or treatment.
  • Alternative option for patients unable to attend clinic for face to face consultation.
  • Alternative option for patients who struggle with anxiety or who are nervous of attending a clinical setting in person.


But I’m a technophobe, can I really get the technology to work?

  • YES! It really is very simple…..
  • All you need is a tablet, laptop or PC, a reasonable internet connection and a little space to move.
  • We’ve got the technology and have done the hard work so that we can help you!
  • We provide simple instructions to enable you to access the consultation via a web-browser (not Safari) or the Microsoft Teams App (free with no sign-up): How to connect to your video consultation in 5 simple steps!


There are several back-up options such as FaceTime, Whats-App video, Zoom or Skype but our preferred choice is Microsoft Teams, which has end-to-end encryption and works very well.

Whether you would like to be assessed, continue your treatment, advance your rehab, or continue your Pilates or exercise class from the comfort of your home… we can help!


Will my insurer pay for a video consultation?

The answer is ‘possibly’ depending upon your circumstances. We strongly advise that you check cover with your insurer as policies vary enormously.

AxaPPP:              Will cover virtual consultations up to 1st June 2020.

Bupa:                   Have agreed to cover virtual consultations during spring 2020.

WPA:                    Cover some consultations.


To find out more about video consultations, whether they are suitable for you and to book a consultation, please contact us.


Bevan Wilson Testimonials

"My Physio has given great treatment and advice."

Bevan Wilson Testimonials

"Bevan Wilson helped me understand instantly how I could help myself."

Bevan Wilson Testimonials

"Excellent treatment - Best physio practice"

Bevan Wilson Testimonials

Ten out of ten all round!

Bevan Wilson Testimonials

"I would like to say thank you because I feel that the treatment helped a lot."

Bevan Wilson Testimonials

"I thought my cycling days were over until I met you! Thanks for getting me back on the bike!"

Bevan Wilson Testimonials

"I can't thank you enough - not only am I back on the golf course but I'm driving straighter! "

Bevan Wilson Testimonials

"Birtley House is a beautiful location and I have really enjoyed my rehabilitation there. It's been hard work but I have been really encouraged by the physiotherapists and re-gaining my independence has been worth it!" 

Bevan Wilson Testimonials

"The professional care extended by all staff at the Bevan Wilson practice was exemplary; therefore, I had no hesitation in requesting further treatment on another troublesome part of my anatomy."


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