Bracing & Rehabilitation Products

Whether you are looking for a small piece of exercise or rehabilitation equipment, such

as exercise bands; reaction balls; strengthening hand putty; shoulder pulleys; foam rollers; or tape, or need

advice on the correct electrical muscle stimulator, orthopaedic brace or post-operative icing machine, then

we’ve got just the answer and would be delighted to assist you!



If you or a loved one are struggling with arthritic knees or ankles, tennis elbow, ankle sprains, wrist or shoulder pain,

or you want to protect your joints whilst skiing, playing tennis or running, then our orthopaedic braces are the perfect solution.

Ranging from £20 to £500 with many braces in the £50-£100 bracket, our team would be delighted to recommend a brace that meets your needs.


We are proud to be the only Official Donjoy /DJO brace fitting clinic in Surrey and therefore we have the knowledge and expertise to help you!

DJO Donjoy are world-renowned global leaders in orthopaedic and sports brace innovation, with a range of highly regarded and braces for knees, ankles, wrists and shoulders. Donjoy’s Aircast A60 ankle brace has been worn by Andy Murray for many years (they even made a white version so that he could wear it a Wimbledon!) and

provides incredible support and protection, whilst allowing full ankle mobility.



Knee Braces such as the Armor Fourcepoint, FullForce provide maximum protection for the knee joint (including for ACL injuries), making them the official knee brace supplier for the US Skiing Team and the US Snowboarding Team! Knee bracing isn’t just about sport, their Reaction Web brace is an excellent choice for anterior knee pain whilst the OA Nano is a market-leading knee brace, clinically proven to reduce osteoarthritis pain and recommended by the Arthritis Foundation.


As the only Official DJO Brace-Fitting Centre in Surrey, Our team of Chartered Physiotherapists can advise, assess for, and fit both off the shelf and custom braces, to either help with pain reduction, post-operative rehabilitation or for use during sports such as skiing, tennis, kite-surfing, cycling, golf etc.


One of our patients, Ben was so delighted with his Custom Defiance knee brace, that he kindly sent us a picture of him in action, kite-surfing on the south-coast!

Whilst most patients will purchase an off-the-shelf brace, some patients will choose to have a custom brace, enabling them to choose the colour and certain brace features, or to accommodate surgical scars, boney prominences etc.




We have received excellent feedback from patients, regarding our service and their Donjoy braces:


“I’m delighted with my OA Nano knee brace, which is enabling me to walk further and play tennis with less pain, and will hopefully reduce the need for me to have surgery in the future.”

“Within 5minutes of putting the brace on, I could walk down the stairs normally, without pain for the first time in years!”



Patient Testimonials:

Donna Urquhart

Donna Urquhart

World Top 20 Professional Squash Player Commonwealth Games Bronze Medallist / Twitter

I can't thank you enough for all your help. You've been awesome - not only have I been able to play successfully whilst injured but I have been improving every day! Thanks for getting to the cause of the problem so that I can work on it through the season. You’re a legend!

Bevan Wilson Sport Testimonials

Doing sports training I have used a number of physios including an Olympic level specialist, and Camilla McQuade stands head and shoulders above all of them. I trust her advice completely and would travel almost any distance for an appointment with her.

Bevan Wilson Sport Testimonials

Karen treated me very efficiently in a very friendly way. It is thanks to her that I was able to play golf again fairly quickly

Bevan Wilson Sport Testimonials

I’m still in one piece after the Windsor Half Marathon. Glutes and hamstring held up well and I was able to finish pretty strong – your exercises have definitely helped – thanks James!

Bevan Wilson Sport Testimonials

Ian W

I did it! I completed the Farnham marathon! Amazingly my leg held out and did not give me a problem which must be down to no road running for a month and James Avery my physio at Bevan Wilson.