Game, set, match – Avoiding tennis injuries


We are seeing increasing number of tennis injuries as the weather changes for the better.

We’ve put together a basic 5 point plan to prevent you sustaining a tennis injury this summer;



1) Don’t jump straight in – if you haven’t played since last summer – don’t go out and play 5 hours today! One of the most common causes of injury is sudden increases in load – so make sure you build up to it!

2) Don’t play 2 days on the bounce to start – Again, if you haven’t played since last summer – don’t suddenly start playing every day! Give your body a chance to rest and recover between sessions – at least for the first few weeks!

3) Warm up properly – start slowly, perform a 5-10 minute dynamic warm up at the side of the court to get the blood flowing and warm up the joints and tendons across the body. Start with some gentle swings and rallies from a short distance before building up!

Wimbledon Tennis Courts


4) Listen to your body – don’t play through pain – especially shoulder and Achilles areas – this is your body giving you a sign you’re doing too much; so if they start getting sore, finish your game for the day.

5) Make sure you look after your body – don’t just play tennis; work on strengthening all the muscles necessary for playing tennis well; both the upper, lower and core muscle groups with some basic strengthening exercises – 2-3x a week!


Thank you, the Bevan Wilson Team.


If you have any tips of your own, please do share them with us.

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