Hypermobility, and Physiotherapy

At Bevan Wilson, we have parents refer their children to us, reporting:

Often getting pain and stiffness in the joints and muscles – particularly towards the end of the day and after physical activity

Keep getting sprains and strains

Keep dislocating your joints (clicking joints, or “pop out”)

Having poor balance or co-ordination

Night pains – which can disrupt sleep

Having thin, stretchy skin

Recurrent soft tissue injuries – such as sprains and sports injuries

The NHS (http://tiny.cc/irws8y) have a more in-depth list of symptoms, relating to adults as well.

Children and adults with joint hypermobility are often referred to a ‘double jointed. People with hypermobility have very mobile (supple) joints, they are able to move their limbs into positions others find impossible.


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The hypermobility of joints cannot be changed with physiotherapy, but depending on the outcome of an assessment, and a treatment plan by a Bevan Wilson physiotherapist, improvements can be made:

Reducing pain and risk of dislocations

Improving muscle strength and fitness

Improving posture and balance

In most cases you can ease your symptoms by doing gentle exercises to strengthen and condition the muscles around the hypermobile joints. The important thing is to do these strengthening exercises often and regularly but not to overdo them.

Following guidance is best.

Specific graded strengthening exercises to provide additional support to weak joints

Exercises and activities to improve core muscle strength

Exercises to stretch any tight muscles

Postural advice

Pain relief

Specific injury (e.g. sprain) treatment

Stamina and cardiovascular exercises and activities

Activities to improve sense of body position and movement (proprioception)

Advice on appropriate activities, including PE and games lessons


If you have any concerns about a family member, or friend who may need an assessment, do call reception on: 01483 424 505

Or email info@bevanwilson.co.uk  

If you have any experience you would like to share with us, please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments box.

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