Introducing William Lane – Massage Therapist

William (Will) is offering sports massage at Bevan Wilson. Here he introduces himself.



As a multi-faceted therapist, I have worked successfully in treating a wide range of clients to relieve pain and restore ease in movement. Historically, my client base includes athletes, physical and desk bound workers in treating a wide range of common musculoskeletal/ postural issues.


My qualifications in sports massage, yoga teaching and mindfulness overlap in treating and working with the body and mind. I see my skill-base as a tool- box from which I can draw in treating each person individually.

I have been active in many sports over the years, from martial arts to road cycling/ racing and triathlon. As such I have awareness of the demands and needs of sportsmen/women in working as a therapist.

Importantly I believe in what I do and enjoy helping restore people to physical, mental and emotional good health.

Live well.

Will Lane


If you would like to book time with Will, please call Bevan Wilson on 01483 424 505

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