Jack Hill on Pre-Season Football Training

Jack has worked with professional and amateur football players, over the course of his career.

In this blog, he gives some tips for those thinking about playing in the new football season, and wanting to avoid pre-season injury.

July tends to mark the beginning of pre-season for football teams ahead of the new season; most teams tend to return to training in the first few weeks of July to build up to be ready to kick of the season fully fit.






Pre-season does however tend to be one of the busier times for Physiotherapists working with, or closely to, football clubs and players.

This can be for a few reasons; a sudden increase in exercise after a period of de-load, a change of surface (harder surfaces as pitches dry over summer), new football boots and intense, repetitive exercise (in professional settings like 2 sessions a day, 5-6 days per week).

There will always be some risk of injury with any sport or activity, however, reducing and control risk is greatly important. The biggest risk factor for developing injury in sport is acute -chronic workload, or in simple terms – rapid increases in loading!

Managing this correctly greatly reduces chances of players developing injuries and should be controlled – the best way to do this is to continue a good level of sport and exercise over summer, slowly ramping up training in pre-season. By taking 8 rather than 4 weeks to get fit for the season ahead – and listening to your body i.e. when the body starts to give you pain and discomfort, this is a sign it needs longer to recover between sessions.

Tendons are the tissues which tend to be at greatest risk through pre-season, so avoiding any tendon injury can greatly improve the start

to a season – as above, this is best managed by reducing overload – but also by some gentle stretching after session, appropriate dynamic warm up and some strength training alongside football specific sessions.











Jack, and our other physiotherapists, can help with a pre-season check up, and personalised exercise regium, if you wish to help you into the new season.


If you wish to add your thoughts, or ask any questions about this blog, please use the comments box below.

Have a great summer!

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