Jack Hill Shares His Experience

Jack shares his experience of working with NMES (neuromuscular electrical stimulation).

NMES or EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) is carried out with the use of a small machine, as pictured below. One of the brand names that market these machines is “Compex”, but there are other brands.


Picture taken from PhysioRoom Limited



NMES is a technique I use to build muscular strength and endurance.

There are many terms used to describe NMES – you may have heard of EMS, “compex” or “muscle stim” to describe similar equipment.

I have used NMES for several years now and is one of his core components of treatment and rehabilitation, for a range of issues.

NMES is a technique that uses a specialist device to send electrical impulses to nerves, in turn, these nerves stimulate a muscular contraction in the targeted area. Depending on the type, duration and volume of these electrical impulses, we can vary the response by the muscle – and therefore vary the effect.

NMES can be a hugely beneficial treatment – it allows for muscle strengthening, maintenance of muscle mass and increases in strength and endurance without overloading a joint – people struggling with joint based conditions (such as OA or during post-operative rehabilitation) can find NMES hugely important to their recovery – it allows significant growth in muscle tissue around the affected area without stimulating pain or adverse reaction.




During NMES, the body’s method of contracting muscle tissue changes –

with NMES we recruit as much muscle fibre as possible, including type II fibres.

Type II fibres are often only stimulated as we near fatigue –

which is often prevented by pain and muscular inhibition whilst suffering from an injury.


NMES is a fantastic tool for improving function, improving muscular strength/endurance and reducing pain.

However as with any technique, it’s vitally important that you see an expert experienced in the usage of this technique.

I have used this technique for several years now, using it on people of all ages/ abilities (where appropriate);

from professional footballers, triathletes, elite level runners to those suffering from debilitating knee pain,

post-operative rehabilitation and those unlucky enough to be enduring chronic back pain.


NMES may be appropriate for you if;

  • You’re suffering with pain, dysfunction or injury
  • You’ve tried and failed to improve this – either through rehabilitation, treatment or other methods
  • You’re unable to fully, happily weight bear and move a joint
  • You feel that with exercise alone is unable to fully “activate” your affected area









If you would like to know more, or have a consultation with Jack, please call the Guildford clinic at Boxgrove

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