NEW Skiing Injury Prevention Course

Do you feel physically ready for your upcoming Skiing trip?

Do you have a history of knee issues or other injuries?

This February, Bevan Wilson Sports Injury Clinic in Boxgrove Guildford, will be running a Skiing injury prevention class over 2 consecutive Tuesdays (14th and 21st).


The class is aimed for late season Skiers.

Classes will last approximately 60 minutes and will focus on:

– Injury prevention advice and education

– Strengthening and Stabilisation program for Injury Prevention.

– Braces suitable for use when skiing or snowboarding.


Classes will be led by a Chartered Physiotherapist who is an experienced Skier.

Places are quite limited.

Promotional cost of £80 per person.

We hope to roll out a more comprehensive course next winter and will offer preference to those who attend this shorter course.


Please call for further information and to enrol in the program


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