Prepare for Ski Season

Skiing season is almost upon us again. Many of you will have returned to the Slopes last winter after a long break due to the COVID pandemic and some may be returning back to the slopes for the first time this winter, since that challenging time in our lives.

Unless you are skiing throughout the year, your body may not be ideally conditioned for the demands that will be put upon it during skiing.


Below are several things that you should consider both before, and during your trip.


Prepare your body – Humans are incredibly adaptable, but we need time for our tissues to adapt.

Something as simple as regular wall sits and squats performed for a few weeks prior to your trip can help offset DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) as well as reduce the likelihood of an injury.

A significant proportion of our knee and ankle stability comes from our Hips and Core. Weakness in those areas has been closely linked to knee pain and injuries.

Try some exercises in the link below to improve you knee stability.

Being female can increase your knee injury risk and preparing yourself with cardio training and Core strengthening has been shown to reduce the risk.

Here’s a link to an informative article

Ensure that you ski or snowboard on courses that are appropriate for your ability level. Just because you can drive a road car safely doesn’t mean you can drive a race car safely. If you are unsure, or haven’t been for a few years, then get some advice from the ski coaches and instructors or attend a Ski School to brush up on your skills.

Skiing Injuries can’t be entirely avoided but if you consider the above information, you will certainly reduce your chance of getting injured and ruining your holiday.

Bevan Wilson Physio are well equipped to help you prevent injuries through our pre-injury or pre-hab programs; bespoke advice and education; and Don-joy bracing assessments, if you would like the added security of knee bracing.

Don’t worry should you return from your trip with a ski or snowboard injury, our experienced Chartered Physiotherapists are ready to provide a customised rehabilitation program if you are unfortunate enough to sustain an injury.



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