Arthritis & Joint Replacements


Physiotherapy can play an extremely important role in the management of arthritis, it can help improve mobility, increase strength and maintain independence.


Our specialist practitioner’s work alongside GP’s ensuring contact with primary care providers sharing information and notes regarding treatments and medication. Ours is a holistic approach and we treat patients rather than symptoms, continuity of treatment and regular consultation ensures that nothing is missed or left to chance.


Effective therapies include massage, exercise and pain relief treatments such as joint mobilisation or acupuncture, specifically designed for sufferers of arthritis.


The treatment of patients following a joint replacement is increasingly common and as operational techniques improve so does the efficacy of physiotherapy.


You may come to us via a referral from your doctor, consultant or surgeon following a knee,  hip or other joint replacement. We will provide treatment aimed at restoring movement, easing pain and where required offer advice about the day to day issues relating to a change in mobility or lifestyle.


Our services include immediate post-operative care as well as the early and later recovery periods, gentle effective treatments taking place at one or our clinical locations, our specialist rehabilitation centre at Birtley House or in the patient’s own home.