Classes & Education


We are able to provide exercise classes or education sessions for care homes, home care agencies or day centres and work in conjunction with our clients to offer the right format of class for their patients.  Classes can be customised to a specific patient group or offer a holistic and balanced program that addresses the main issues faced by elderly patients such as mobility and confidence.


Classes can involve elements of Pilates, yoga and general exercise such as joint mobility, flexibility, balance and strength. They are intended to appeal to people of all abilities and levels of mobility and whilst physically therapeutic we also strive to make them an enjoyable component of an organisations activity programme, enhancing psychological health, interaction and cognition.


We are also happy to train staff to deliver gentle exercise classes or individual exercise programs where appropriate including the assessment of a patient’s suitability to partake in a class or when patients require re-assessment. We also offer other types of staff training such as manual handling, transfers and passive movements.


Education sessions are aimed at addressing common issues experienced by the older person such as loss of mobility, strength, balance and co-ordination which can all lead to loss of confidence and dependence. Education sessions can be run alongside or separately to exercise classes and are aimed at empowering patients to identify and address issues that they may face through self-help strategies, simple exercises, adaptations and inexpensive equipment.


Whether you own or manage a care home, home care agency or day centre or you are interested in attending a class near you then please contact us.