Injury Prevention & Screening


We love to see our patients but we would much rather help to prevent injuries than treat them.


This is why we operate a tiered system of personalised screening and assessment programmes designed to keep you out of the treatment room and on the pitch, court, course or track.


Whatever your sport our specialist analysis can identify areas of weakness, restriction or imbalance before a problem arises so that we can help you implement small changes that may make significant differences to performance and long term fitness.


Our Physiotherapists have provided screening and injury prevention services in professional sports such as football, tennis and basketball as well as with individual athletes, schools and local clubs.


Gait Analysis is just one example of our work and is much more than just assessing your walking or running step. It is a unique assessment of your entire body movement, designed to identify imbalances, restrictions and inefficiencies that may be affecting your mobility or performance.


Our Cycleflex assessment fits harmoniously alongside our video analysis services and complements cycle fitting services provided by several local specialists with whom we work. The Cycleflex program assesses your body’s ability to cope with the demands of road or off-road cycling and also the interaction between you and your bike. The goal is to optimise your position on the bike whilst ensuring that your body can operate away from the extremes of position that are likely to cause injury or reduce performance.


Our Tennisflex services were developed following our involvement in the development of the Lawn Tennis Association’s screening program at the National Tennis Centre. The tiered testing system is designed to identify imbalances, restrictions and inefficiencies that may be affecting your movement or performance and is widely used in professional and amateur tennis to educate and empower players.


Golflex was developed by one of the World’s leading golf physiotherapists and our Physiotherapists have adapted and enhanced this assessment to help identify restrictions, compensations and inefficiencies that may be affecting your golf performance or increasing your risk of injury.


Once properly and thoroughly assessed we work with you to deliver a programme of exercises and or treatment designed to improve your posture, movement and fitness, continually checking your progress and assessing performance.


We regularly work with coaches, clubs and individuals of all abilities to deliver outstanding results whatever your sport.


Donna Urquhart

Donna Urquhart

World Top 20 Professional Squash Player Commonwealth Games Bronze Medallist / Twitter

I can't thank you enough for all your help. You've been awesome - not only have I been able to play successfully whilst injured but I have been improving every day! Thanks for getting to the cause of the problem so that I can work on it through the season. You’re a legend!

Bevan Wilson Sport Testimonials

Doing sports training I have used a number of physios including an Olympic level specialist, and Camilla McQuade stands head and shoulders above all of them. I trust her advice completely and would travel almost any distance for an appointment with her.

Bevan Wilson Sport Testimonials

Karen treated me very efficiently in a very friendly way. It is thanks to her that I was able to play golf again fairly quickly

Bevan Wilson Sport Testimonials

I’m still in one piece after the Windsor Half Marathon. Glutes and hamstring held up well and I was able to finish pretty strong – your exercises have definitely helped – thanks James!

Bevan Wilson Sport Testimonials

Ian W

I did it! I completed the Farnham marathon! Amazingly my leg held out and did not give me a problem which must be down to no road running for a month and James Avery my physio at Bevan Wilson.