Mobility & Falls prevention


More than one third of UK Citizens aged 65 or over will suffer a fall this year and anybody that has fallen in the last twelve months is 50% more likely to fall again in the next year.

These are worrying facts but there is plenty that you can do to protect yourself or your loved ones. There is clear evidence that many falls can be prevented using carefully designed and tailored physiotherapy programmes, delivered as either group exercise or as individual therapy in your own home or local clinic.

Effective physiotherapy can dramatically improve balance, walking speed, flexibility and strength without too much physical effort and we treat many patients following surgery, hospital admissions or as part of a more comprehensive rehabilitation process.

A recent independent study has shown that home based exercise can reduce the rate of falls by 32%.

Bevan Wilson specialists can quickly identify potential problems before they occur by analysing your body, the way you walk and move and your lifestyle. Our Team are able to advise, treat and provide exercise programmes to improve mobility and reduce the risk of falls so that you are able to enjoy life without the fear of falling.