Movement Analysis


Correct posture is vital to normal healthy movement and by assessing, understanding and continually evaluating your posture we can reduce your risk of pain or injury and often improve athletic performance.


As an individual you will have unique imbalances that cause compensations in your movement or performance, these may go unnoticed for years and be responsible for recurring injuries or pain but it is our job to ensure identification and appropriate treatment.


We assess every aspect of your everyday, active and sporting movements, discuss any pain or discomfort that you may be feeling however slight and suggest changes or tweaks that will really help. You may have been carrying an injury for some time without even being aware but our assessment will identify any issues that could be impeding performance.


For faster or more complex movements or activities such as running, cycling, tennis or golf we are able to provide slow-motion video capture and analysis as well as specific sports movement screening such as a our Tennisflex, Golflex and Cycleflex programs.


Once properly and thoroughly assessed we work with you to deliver a programme of exercises and or treatment designed to improve your posture, movement and fitness, continually checking your progress and assessing performance.