Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

MS sufferers often present with symptoms affecting their general mobility and independence. Our specialist Physiotherapists work closely with the patient’s family and primary healthcare providers to provide effective treatments specifically designed to address these challenges.

MS symptoms can be variable, fluctuating over time and our specialists can help you to monitor your status, ensuring that you access treatment when you most need it. In addition to ‘hands-on’ treatments we are able to develop bespoke exercise programmes to address a patient’s individual needs. We work closely with patients and their family to ensure that exercises can be performed correctly, safely and effectively between clinical appointments to maximise improvement.

Sensory changes, muscle pain or weakness, general mobility, muscle spasms and bladder problems can all be addressed using Physiotherapy and our Team’s significant hospital experience ensures that we are able to work with patients undergoing NHS treatment.

Physiotherapy can help whatever the level of physical symptoms as we work with you to prevent deterioration, improving mobility, range of movement, strength and control.