Post-discharge Care & Rehabilitation


Following the discharge of you or a loved one after an operation, incident or procedure Physiotherapy can help as part of your post-discharge management and rehabilitation programme.


Every hospital has a discharge policy which outlines the ongoing care for patients on their return home or into nursing care and Bevan Wilson offer a full range of treatments designed to work alongside other treatment providers.


We are able to assess requirements and provide treatments to ease pain, increase mobility and return confidence to patients as well as offer advice and exercises to help in between clinical appointments. We are also able to liaise with and educate carers, care home staff or relatives regarding best practice for each patient with regard to positioning, transfers, mobility and exercise based on our assessment findings.


The level of post discharge attention is dependent upon the seriousness of the condition and we can advise on all levels of treatment from relatively minor fractures to major surgery or illness recovery. Our specialists work with patients, family members, carers and primary care providers to monitor and progress rehabilitation towards agreed goals and ultimately to maximise every patient’s potential.


Our specialist rehabilitation centre based at Birtley Hose in Bramley is open to all Bevan Wilson patients and we also provide services at many local nursing homes. Our Team are able to arrange home visits appointments or sessions in any of our conveniently located clinics in Surrey.