Specialist Hand & Wrist Clinic


Vital to just about every aspect of day to day living our hands are arguably one of our more important body parts.


Hand therapy is the term used for the non-surgical management or post-surgical rehabilitation of hand disorders and injuries. Bevan Wilson are one of only a handful of private Hand Therapy Specialists in Surrey, have an excellent reputation and are the specialists of choice of many GPs, Consultants and surgeons.


Using various methods including splinting, taping, acupuncture, exercise, wound care and specialist equipment such as Saeboflex rehabilitation gloves our specialist hand care physiotherapists treat all disorders affecting hand function including neurological conditions such as Stroke or head injury.


Many disorders and injuries of the hand are treated without surgery but treatment by a hand therapist is always essential for optimal recovery after hand surgery.


Patients will be referred to Bevan Wilson specialists following tendon and peripheral nerve repairs, fractures or burns, joint replacements or skin grafts and we also treat arthritis sufferers and those presenting with pain and nerve compression syndromes.