Spinal Cord Injury


The treatment of a Spinal Cord Injury requires specialist experience and our programmes are designed to an individual’s specific needs.


A serious spinal injury can mean making life changing adjustments and our rehabilitation team are able to offer help to ease the trauma of this process. Treatment may include stretches and mobility exercises, strengthening and stability exercises, posture and breathing exercises and many ‘hands-on’ treatment techniques. Our Team are also able to advise regarding correct positioning, moving and handling, the proper use of mobility aids, hoists, tilt-tables and standing frames to empower and improve the confidence of patients, relatives and carers.


We work extremely closely with primary healthcare providers to ensure a complete continuity of treatment, liaising with GP’s, consultants and other therapists as necessary.


Treatment varies from patient to patient but always with the aim of achieving goals agreed by the patient and their physiotherapist. Our Team will always endeavour to maximise a patient’s recovery and their subsequent independence and achieve the best health and quality of life that the patient’s condition allows.