Sports Massage at Bevan Wilson Physiotherapy


Sports Massage can be beneficial for most people and is not just suitable for athletes.

There are many benefits that can be gained by regular or infrequent sports massage, whether injured, recovering after surgery, training hard or just feeling stiff or stressed.

Sports massage combines various soft tissue techniques including soft-tissue manipulation, friction, soft tissue release, neuromuscular technique, positional release,  muscle energy techniques and stretches.

Sports massage is available at most of our clinics by appointment and our sports massage and physiotherapy team would be delighted to discuss your individual needs with you and suggest an appropriate treatment plan.


What are the benefits?


  • Relieve tightness, stiffness, spasms and restrictions in the muscle tissues.


  • Increase blood circulation, providing more oxygen and nutrients into the muscles to reduce muscle fatigue and soreness.


  • Loosen shortened, tense muscle tissue and restore its elasticity.


  • Stretch muscles in a variety of ways, stretching fibres and connective tissue that surrounds the muscles, reducing pain and tension.


  • Helps decrease the recovery time between training sessions, especially following longer sessions.


  • Promote rapid removal of toxins and waste products from muscles.


  • Assist with the healing of microscopic tears in muscles, reducing discomfort.


  • Psychological benefits – Invigorating the body and mind or conversely relaxing and soothing.