Sports-specific Rehabilitation


As with any rehabilitation programme we take time to fully assess the extent of an injury, the likelihood of recurrence and the return to fitness. Whatever your level of competition or achievement, rehabilitation can be a frustrating time but patience and planning are absolutely vital.


It is our intention to not just return you to fitness but to ‘Make You Better’, to increase strength and improve your performance through a course of planned treatment and rehabilitation sessions and continual re-assessment. Every athlete, sport and injury is unique and so we personally tailor each rehabilitation plan to maximise your potential.


We work with athletes of all ages and abilities across a diverse range of activities and our experience of returning patients to prime performance and beyond has been built over many years. Our clients have included Olympians, professional athletes, sporting organisations and schools and typically our physiotherapists are sports people themselves, appreciating the frustrations surrounding a period on the side lines.


This experience is vital however in effective sports rehabilitation, a specialist area in which Bevan Wilson are proud to be regarded as experts. Our expertise, coupled with unrivalled access to a comprehensive range of sports facilities and gymnasiums allow us to challenge you every step of the way and ensure that you return to your sport confident that you can hit the ground running.