Stroke & Brain Injury


Our specialist practitioners truly appreciate the level of understanding required for the specific challenges presented by patients following a stroke or Brain Injury.


Every year hundreds of thousands of people suffer Strokes and traumatic brain injury in the UK and our experience treating this highly variable group both in the NHS and private practice has been gained over many years.


Patients are often referred to Bevan Wilson by GP’s, consultants, therapists or care homes and we work closely with primary care providers and referrers to ensure continuity of treatment. Families are often heavily involved in the care and rehabilitation of their relative and our Team work closely with families and carers to ensure a comprehensive, integrated and holistic approach to all aspects of rehabilitation and recovery.


Spasticity, muscle weakness and cognitive disorders are some of the well known symptoms of these conditions but we also appreciate and understand the non-physical nature of problems such as the emotional adjustment to disability, behavioural issues and the frustration associated with a long term condition. Physiotherapists are well placed at the heart of patient rehabilitation to identify such issues and work with patients, carers, family members and primary care providers to ensure that they are correctly addressed.


Working at our specialist rehabilitation centre at Birtley House in Bramley, at some of our conveniently located clinics or in the patient’s own home we are able to provide care in an environment suited to the individual needs of the patient. Our specialist equipment which includes a walking track-hoist, tilt-table, Saeboflex rehabilitation gloves, muscle stimulators and balance devices allow our Team to maximise a patient’s potential in a safe and progressive manner. We are also able to source other specialist equipment such as Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) for sale, hire or trial and are able to cross-refer to other professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language therapists and local support groups as needed.