Running, as well as being a very popular activity in its own right, is a significant component of most sports. The majority of people (even those who aren’t ‘sporty’) walk a significant amount each day however few of us consider how well we do it or how we could improve the way we do it.

Contrary to what you might read, there is no one proven ‘best’ running style or technique and everyone has their own unique walk or running gait. It can therefore be difficult to precisely assess your running or walking gait to identify areas for improvement and this is even harder when assessed in ‘real-time’.

Running analysis isn’t just about improving performance for the elite athlete, it’s also very importantly about reducing the risk of injury, and ensuring you have the correct footwear. This is as pertinent, if not more so, to the amateur sportsman or casual runner however addressing these issues often enhances performance as a secondary benefit by improving movement control and biomechanics.

Having worked with elite, club-level, amateur and prospective-runners as well as athletes from a multitude of sports, Bevan Wilson’s Physiotherapists are experienced at analysing and interpreting video analysis results alongside other assessment techniques to the benefit of their patients.

Slow-motion video analysis is about identifying exactly what happens when you run, not guessing. The human eye, in real-time, is unable to pick-up the subtleties of such fast, complex movements.

Video analysis involves the capture of video (normally running on a treadmill) from various angles which can then be slowed-down and played frame by frame, utilising specialist software which allows the measurement of angles; direct comparison of feet or footwear types and the development of a comprehensive report including video clips, photo descriptions and a suggested plan of action.

We work closely with several running shops to ensure you get the correct footwear, including Tortoise and Hare near Cranleigh, Fitstuff in Guildford and Alton Sports. We also work closely with several running coaches, clubs, nutritionists, podiatrists and sports Doctors so that we are able to offer out patients a seamless experience.

Bevan Wilson is able to provide semi-custom orthotics (insoles) when trainers alone are unable to improve your running mechanics. We also work closely with podiatrists, including the Podiatry & Chiropody Centre in Farnham for more complex problems.

Whilst we specifically offer a running analysis package, almost any sport can be videoed to identify the risks or cause of an injury or to improve performance. Such examples are the golf swing, tennis serve or cycling.

Slow-motion Video Running analysis has many benefits:
• Identify movement faults or biomechanical dysfunction that can lead to injury
• Improve running efficiency and performance.
• Identify suitable running footwear for your running style, foot mechanics, movement control and running surface.

To be videoed running (or for other movements / sports) You will need:
• Running kit (please consider that the more of you we can see the more we can tell you – shorts, crop tops and t-shirts)
• Trainers – new and old
• Orthotics, insoles, arch supports, heel lifts if used.
• Training schedule / diary or any other useful information.

For more information about Video analysis for running, or other sports please contact Bevan Wilson’s Sports Division on 01483 424505 or