Welcome Our New Sports Massage Therapist!

Dan comes to Bevan Wilson as an iTEC Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist.

Having been in the sports industry for nearly 20 years, he fully understands the way the body works and should work in order to stay as injury free as possible.

He knows that this is not always possible and injuries, pains and niggles can crop up in every day life whether it be playing sport, working at a desk for hours on end or day to day activities.

Benefits of sports massage therapy:

More about Dan…

As a sports massage therapist, Dan loves to go on a journey with the client from first consultation to final treatment and help you live your life as injury free as possible.

A family man to a father of twin three year olds he knows how important it is to look after your body for it to function correctly, especially when family time is so precious. Having had a number of injuries himself over the years from repeat shoulder dislocation to calf strains he is aware of what sort of pain you will come to see him with and how desperate you will be to be fixed.

Dan is still a keen sportsman himself and loves using the gym, cycling, running and swimming. He will however turn his hand to any sporting discipline that he is presented with!

“I very much look forward to welcoming you to Bevan Wilson”.

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