Neck, Back & Pelvic Pain


Possibly caused by poor posture, heavy lifting, repetitive exercise or any number of conditions pain in the lower back, the neck and the pelvic region are amongst the most common reasons for visiting a Physiotherapist.


It is the prevalence of these conditions that makes the correct diagnosis absolutely vital as an incorrect assessment can lead to prolonged pain and ongoing treatment.


You may have experienced a trauma, injury or impact, perhaps a sport related incident or possibly even a childhood accident. Whatever the cause it is our promise to you that your pain will be properly and thoroughly investigated and the correct course of treatment agreed.


There are far too many specific causes to be covered on a website but any prolonged or severe pain should be checked as quickly as possible, please call us immediately and we will help.


Back, Neck and Pelvic pain during Pregnancy are covered in more detail on our Female Health and Pregnancy page.