Yoga, for a more efficient running style

When done correctly, yoga can enhance your strength, flexibility and balance which all translates into a more efficient running style, improved body awareness and injury prevention.


Karen Love, our spinal and Pilates specialist shares her tips for an improved running experience.

There are many different types of Yoga but typically you will see faster ‘Vinyasa’ flow classes and ‘Yin’ or ‘Hatha’ yoga which are slower, more stretch based classes.

Yoga targets the common problem areas for runners such as learning how to switch on those gluteal muscles, stretch the hamstrings, Achilles and calf muscles and improve balance; this leads to better biomechanics, less stress through the body and fewer injuries. An essential element in the practice of yoga is the mental focus and connecting with the breath……… learning how to control the breath and focus the mind can be massively helpful when faced with that uphill section of the run!


Tempted?………take it slowly, runners can be competitive so don’t try to keep up with the person on the mat next to you.

Listen to your body and don’t ever force your body to do what it doesn’t want to.

Try a 15-minute yoga stretch routine after your run, include the ‘downward facing dog’ below and enjoy the benefits of having a strong, flexible and balanced body.

With a number of running events coming up, do prepare your body, before setting out. Bevan Wilson has many years of experience guiding, and supporting people of all ages into the best way for them to enjoy an event.


Do call us, or share any tips you have for others to follow, in the box below.


Happy Running!

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